Corporate Eyecare

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992) make it a requirement for all employers to offer free eye and eye-health tests to any employees working with visual display units (VDUs).

As your local independent experts in eye health, we at Eyeland Visioncare fully understand the incredible importance of having truly healthy eyes, both in terms of personal health, and in the effect that that can have on work performance.

By giving your team the opportunity to have their eyes tested, you’re not only fulfilling a legal requirement – you’re also ensuring the well-being of your greatest asset. Tired eyes cause fatigue, stress and a general feeling of being unwell. Employees with crystal clear vision are more focused (no pun intended!), and perform better as they don’t suffer that fatigue throughout the day.

Typically, a comprehensive eye exam will last about 30 minutes, so you don’t need to lose your valued team members for a whole day at a time – a quick trip to our surgery is all that’s needed, and they can be back to work in no time.

We offer a comprehensive eye examination service to all local businesses at extremely competitive rates, and can arrange discounts for multiple appointments, too. Arranging eye tests for your team couldn’t be simpler. Just call or email us, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Think of offering them an eye test as an investment in their improved performance – much the same as their training or incentive scheme – and you’ll soon see the rewards!

For more information, or to book your next eye test, call your nearest branch today or email [email protected].