At Eyeland Visioncare we offer bespoke Varifocals. We have also teamed up with Kodak Lens to offer a family of customised varifocals in all 3 outlets. The group will offer Kodak’s Unique lens free-form technology with production techniques which allow varifocal lenses to be individually designed to the prescription, eye measurements and the spectacle frame. These varifocal lenses give the wearer very reduced distortions, clearer and sharper vision at virtually all points of the lens.

New generation Non Contact Tonometer for Glaucoma screening.

Pulsair IntelliPuff

Eyeland Visioncare has just added the new Pulsair intellipuff to its range of high tech equipments. 

Why we choose Pulsair intelliPuff

  • Soft puff – ultra soft puff for maximum patient comfort
  • Totally objective – it will only measure when perfectly aligned
  • Non-contact – virtually no chance of cross infection
  • Rapid – no need to position your patient in a chinrest, pick & puff
  • Intelligent sound indication when ‘eye done’
  • Intelligent outliers removed from IOP result
  • Intelligent auto senses ‘difficulty’ and adjusts firing parameters
  • EasyEye alignment – simple targeting system
  • Hand held – versatile for all your patients
  • Stable – forehead stabiliser aids positioning
  • Reliable and repeatable – IR (infra red) LED for trigger system

For more information, or to book your next eye test, call your nearest branch today or email [email protected].