Specialist Areas

Children’s Eyecare: Eyeland Visioncare is dedicated to providing excellent visual health care for children. Our battery of tests can uncover conditions due to vision impairment like squints (lazy eye), colour vision deficiencies, muscle imbalance, short sightedness, long sightedness, astigmatism and many more conditions that affect children.

Our eye clinics are warm with friendly staff to make visit very enjoyable. Some signs of visual difficulties that can be investigated further by Eyeland Visioncare.

Does your child:

  • Hold objects very close to their eyes? 
  • Excessively rub their eyes, blink or squint after close visual work? 
  • Tilt the head to one side? 
  • Have difficulty catching or getting a ball, tying shoelaces or distinguishing right from left? 
  • Move the head (and not the eye) when reading? 
  • Complain of headaches after reading? 
  • Become tired after reading? 
  • Frequently lose his place when reading or use his finger as a pointer? 
  • Have difficulty comprehending what they have read? 
  • Reads slowly? 
  • Takes a long time finishing assignments? 
  • Move their head back and forth instead of just their eyes while reading? 
  • Complain of headaches or eyestrain? 
  • Have red or watery eyes (which could also be a sign of allergies) Have poor hand-eye coordination (this may also reflect muscle problems)? 
  • Perform below expected levels in school? 
  • Have a short attention span or difficulty staying on task? 
  • Have an eye that turns in or out? 
  • Sometimes reverses words or letters? 
  • Have difficulty comprehending what he has read, or reads slowly? 
  • Complains of blurred vision with schoolwork or reading? 
  • Have difficulty copying from a textbook or chalkboard? 
  • Avoid reading?

If your child is exhibiting some of the above signs please call you nearest branch of Eyeland Visioncare today for a thorough eye examination in a friendly environment.


Your Child’s Eye Exam:

While in school, a 12 monthly eye examination is recommended. It may sometimes be every 6 months or 3 months depending on the condition being monitored.

Eyeland Visioncare provides a thorough children eye examination. The examination includes:

  • Visual acuity testing using shapes
  • Pictures and touching alphabets 
  • Internal Retinal eye examination 
  • Colour vision assessment 
  • Eye muscle evaluation and assessment 
  • External eye assessment 
  • Identification and verification of prescription for spectacles if required
  • Intraocular pressure test if required.

After the eye examination our Optometrist will go over all the results and findings with you and your child. We will give our recommendations and a copy of the result will be issued to you. We will then schedule any future appointments as required.



Contact Lenses:

Our in-house contact lens optician can fit all types of lenses. We are able to cater for the most difficult cases, such as those who are told they are ‘unable to wear contact lenses’.

We provide a wide range of products and take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in design & technology.

It is not enough for Eyeland Vision to simply sell contact lenses we offer a complete service providing monthly disposable lenses, weekly daily disposable lenses, weekly, daily, silicon hydrogels, low and high water content, large and small diameter, custom made or stock, coloured, tinted or hand painted, rigid gas permeable, toric, specialist lenses for medical conditions and much more.


For more information, or to book your next eye test, call your nearest branch today or email [email protected].